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We desire to disciple and equip Christians from all walks of life, or people who have beginning interest in Christ, with some solid materials. We hope these resources lead you to better understand, glorify, and enjoy Jesus as Lord and Savior, the indwelling Holy Spirit, and communion with the Father.

The Presbyterian Church in America is a gospel-preaching, bible-believing denomination of the Reformed tradition. It is one of the faster growing denominations in the United States, with over 1450 churches and missions throughout the USA and Canada, and over 306,000 members. If you desire to know more about the denomination: its beliefs, its churches, click on the link above, or click on the logo to the left, for more information. 

The Westminster Confession

At Christ Pres. we desire to preach Christ in harmony with the historic Protestant church. We believe the theology of The Westminster Confession and its Catechisms captures the truths of the Bible and summarizes them best. The Presbyterian Church has held to this creed for more than 300 years. Pardon the older language, but if you desire to read the confession, click on the link above, or on the picture to the left, for a pdf file.

Maybe you'd like to explore a site stacked full with good theological literature. is precisely that! Filled with thousands of free resources: articles, books, sermons, etc., click on the link above, or the logo to the left to begin exploring.

We here at Christ Pres. have long appreciate the ministry of Ligionier. From R.C. Sproul's classic The Holiness of God to the Reformation Study Bible, we think you'll enjoy and benefit from some of the best preachers and teachers on Reformed Theology. Click above or on the left for more.

Songs We Sing in Church & Think You'll Enjoy and Be Edified By


"And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers."

- Acts 2:42