We believe that we exist for the glory of God and that glorifying God involves serving others as we share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Missions and outreach are a vital part of the life of Christ Presbyterian Church.


Local Missions

We have an active ministry to internationals. We minister to international students and workers, along with their spouses. Doug Miller, a former missionary to France, founded our international ministry team and launched our ESL ministry, which we continue to enjoy. Along with worksheets on American English idioms, we use Bible study to help students with their English. We also conduct an Adult Sunday School class geared for internationals.

We actively support the work of Reformed University Ministries on the campus of the University of South Alabama, launched by Lanier Wood in the Fall of 2011. We are enthusiastic about a ministry to young men and women at such an important stage of life and recognize that college students know and experience more overt, difficult, and destructive examples of our world’s brokenness than ever before. We wholeheartedly embrace RUM’s model for campus ministry, which is ministry by the church (Lanier is an ordained Teaching Elder in our Presbytery, supported by [among others] both PCA churches in Mobile) for the growth of the church (RUM prides itself on the high rate of graduates who remain active in local churches, many becoming elders, deacons, or pastors) to the glory of God.

We also broadcast re-recorded versions of the sermons preached at Christ Pres. on WBHY 840 AM and 103.5 FM. Sermons air on Sundays at 1:30 p.m.

We support the work of Victory Health Partners in Mobile, which provides medical services to people in our community who have medical needs and cannot afford insurance.


World Missions

Christ Presbyterian Church has always supported the spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth. Currently we are supporting missionaries in Japan, Bolivia, China, Spain, Great Britain, and Kazakhstan. We also support strategic planning and support staff in several mission sending organizations.


Life Missions

God has called every Christian to service in his kingdom. All lawful vocations are Christian callings. As we work in education, business, law, construction, finance, or any field; we are serving Jesus Christ and working in his kingdom. As we raise children, help neighbors, run errands, or vote in elections; we are ambassadors of Christ to the world. We are to live as members of God’s kingdom in all aspects of life, submitting to his rule over all things and calling those around us to receive the gospel of grace and to acknowledge the gracious rule of King Jesus. For the Christian, life is mission.